Our Mission at St Columba

During our whole school collective worship, the next few weeks will be dedicated to reminding ourselves of what the core mission at St Columba is.

‘Holding hands with Jesus as we love, learn and grow together’ encompasses all that we do. In order to achieve this we need to: INSPIRE, MOTIVATE and ACHIEVE; UNITE, NURTURE and THRIVE; LIVE, BELEIVE and PRAY.

Today we looked closely at how Jesus inspires us, and then thought of ways we could follow His example and INSPIRE others.

The children had lots of ideas. They promised to try to: love everybody; respect everybody, spread the Good News and never leave anybody out.

Our Mission at St Columba

Welcome back Autumn 2019

The staff were delighted to welcome our children back yesterday. They all looked incredibly smart and  very eager to learn.

We are all feeling well -rested and ready to go.

There have been some significant staffing changes this year. We welcome Mrs Lewis, as our newly appointed Deputy Headteacher; as many families know, Mrs Lewis is already an extremely successful, vital part of St Columba, and we are certain that she will rise to the challenge of her new role, and take St Columba from strength to strength.


Miss Hitchen has also been appointed as the new Special Educational Needs Coordinator ( SENCO). She will be available on Monday and Wednesday afternoon for any parent that needs advice or assurance. Miss Lorraine, is always available, if needed.


Welcome back Autumn 2019

Health and Fitness Week

We have had a fantastic start to national Health and Fitness week; thanks to the super-organised Mrs Lewis.

She has arranged for the children to take part in an array of health and fitness activities throughout the week.

Today I have seen: judo, dance ( the Cha-cha), healthy salads, emotional well- being and the teachers have even joined up with the children to do the Monday Mile!!!

The feeling of joy, health and well-being throughout the school really is electric!

Thanks so much, Mrs Lewis, we are looking forward to a week of fun, health and happiness.





Health and Fitness Week

St Columba Catholic Primary school is an OUTSTANDING Catholic school.

Following on from a Section 48 Religious Education inspection last Wednesday 5th June, I am delighted to announce that the inspectors found that, ‘St. Columba’s Primary School is outstanding in providing Catholic Education’. The staff and the children could not be any prouder of the outcome.

A detail report will be sent to school, however during the verbal feedback, the following quotes were said:

“The environment is so inviting and welcoming.’

‘The school environment has grown and developed even further since the last inspection.’

The behaviour of pupils is outstanding and reflects the Catholic nature of the school.’

‘The care of pupils is ‘second to none.’

The staff  in this school are exemplary role models.’

‘Teaching assistants are very well deployed;each one was seen being busy and effective and enhancing the learning of the children.’

‘The children are absolutely wonderful.’

“There are no limits in this school” from Oliver Year 2.

The children and the staff know the mission statement and live it out.’

‘Books demonstrate excellent progress; even in Year 6 where no gaps were evident from SATs work.’

‘A range of lessons observed, with the first dance lesson ever seen!’

‘The Catholic faith is like a stick of rock; it runs right through the school.’’

‘Fantastic behaviour management strategies.’

Thank you to each and every pupil, member of staff and governor ; proving yet again that ‘ together we are stronger.’

St Columba Catholic Primary school is an OUTSTANDING Catholic school.

Happy First Holy Communion Day!

A group of our Year 4 children took the next step in their Catholic faith journey, when they made their First Holy Communion, last week.

Fr. Chris conducted a lovely Mass for them.

The children all looked beautiful, as they accepted the Blessed Host for the first time.

After the Mass, school treated the children to a wonderful celebration, which the children shared with the rest of their class mates.

Thank you to Fr Chris and to  Mrs Dunne and Miss Lorraine, who worked so hard to give the children a day that they deserved and would remember.



Happy First Holy Communion Day!

Welcome back to the FINAL half term!

I cannot believe that we are already in the final half term of the school year; at school this is an incredibly busy time: assessments to be done; reports to be completed; plays to be performed; sports days; Year 6 to say goodbye to!

This Sunday is the feast of Pentecost and we will certainly need the gifts of the Holy Spirit to guide us through.

During our Collective Worship this week, we started to think about  gifts from the Holy Spirit. The children spoke about love, kindness, loyalty, faithfulness and joy. We then thought about how we could use those gifts in school, at home, and in our community. Below are some of the children’s  ideas.

“By helping anybody who needs my help.”

“By letting other children go before me.”

“By spreading peace .”

“By being faithful and resilient, in spreading God’s Word.”

I am certain that our children will work hard to use their gifts wisely, lovingly and faithfully.


Welcome back to the FINAL half term!

Stay and Pray

This Wednesday we had a very successful ‘Stay and Pray’ session.

The children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 had some very special guests to join them; their families

Collective Worship for the Junior children was led by our fantastic ‘ Worship Warriors.’


The whole school was an oasis of calm, worship and joy.

We are very proud of all of our children.


Stay and Pray