Dragons Den!!!

Today we had a huge surprise-we had a visitor from Lloyds Bank. He presented a £30 cheque to each of our Junior classes. He had been told about our outstanding entrepreneurial skills.

He has set the children a challenge to find out which class can make the biggest profit, using the initial investment of £30.00.

The children are now bursting with business ideas…..we will keep you posted!


Dragons Den!!!

Welcome back!

Staff and children are thrilled to be back after a wonderful, relaxing summer break.

The prime mission of our school is to hold hands with Jesus as we love, learn and grow together. Within our teaching and learning we will aim to inspire, motivate and achieve. Within our community we will unite, nurture and thrive. Embracing our Gospel Values we will believe, pray and live the Lord’s Word.

The whole school community shares the ultimate vision for our school:

Tapping into Talent: We will explore, discover and use the talent of our children, staff, governors, parents and community.

Breaking down Barriers: We will not allow any barriers to get in our way of success.

Daring to Dream: The sky is the limit, our children can achieve anything that they want to, we will work together to ensure that their dreams do come true.

We pray that our Lord Jesus Christ will be at our sides throughout this year, guiding and supporting us to fulfil our mission and to achieve our vision.




Welcome back!

Miss Evans’s Post on Friday, 7 July 2017

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Primary School’s Enterprise Day

We have just hosted a wonderful event with 3 local primary schools.
We were all given £30 to start off a small enterprise scheme.
We had chocolate sticks, glasses, puppets and fruit sticks.
All of the children did their research, brain stormed ideas and calculated profits.

We at St Columba, made a profit of £115!

There was such a demand for our product that we are going to sell them every Friday – we will give the proceeds to the charity of our choice.

Well done Year 5, you did a great job.

Miss Evans’s Post on Friday, 7 July 2017

Miss Evans’s Post on Wednesday, 5 July 2017

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What a fantastic Transition Day we have had today!

The children have all found out who their teacher will be.
They have spent time in their new classrooms and they know where to put all of their belongings.
There was such a buzz of excitement around the building.

Reception- Miss Howell
Year 1 – Mrs Jones
Year 2 – Mrs Lewis
Year 3 – Mrs Heaton and Mrs Ventre
Year 4 – Mrs Dunne
Year 5 – Miss Morgan
Year 6 – Miss Hitchen

Miss Evans’s Post on Wednesday, 5 July 2017

What a successful Health and Fitness Week!

Egg and spoon raceObstacle race

Last week was one of our favourite weeks of the year- our annual Health and Fitness Week!

The children have been in the P.E. kits all week, taking part in an array of Health and Fitness activities. There was of course lots of physical activities, that concluded with Sports Day on Friday.

Sports Day

Some classes also took part in a school trip – this also kept them active!

Air pillow

We also had lessons about eating healthy and keeping our minds healthy.

year 5 sports day


What a successful Health and Fitness Week!

Celebrating St Columba Day

Last week we celebrated our school’s patron saint -St Columba!

We had a special assembly, in honour of him. Take a look at the attached PowerPoint.

St Columba 2017

After the assembly we went outside to sing our song , written by our music teacher, Mrs Walton. We had ice lollies and an extra long break!

On Sunday, some children went along to Mass to celebrate the Feast of St Columba. Our First Holy Communion children arrived in their special clothes; they did the readings and even led a special procession!

St Columba day1                              st columba day2



Celebrating St Columba Day