The Wizard of Huyton!








Year 6 gave us a wonderful final year production this week.

I was so proud of each and every one of them.

The soloists were amazing and so brave.

Dorothy was outstanding- I have never seen such a funnier Dorothy…..and never heard such an amazing voice!

The singing, dancing and acting of the whole cast was fabulous.

Thank you so much to our talented Year 6 teacher, who wrote such a comical, inspirational play.

The staff, as usual, pulled together, to ensure the children could be the best they could be.

Thank you to:

Mrs Dunne, Mrs O’Brien and Mr Mitchell.

Mrs Warburton and Mrs Brown, for the fantastic scenery

Kelly – the vocal coach.

Year 6 will be very much missed, but we all know that they are more than ready to step into their next journey and we all wish them the best of luck.


wizard of huyton

The Wizard of Huyton!