The candle of Hope

Today we lit our first candle for Advent – the candle of hope!

The whole school celebration assembly certainly did reflect this very well.

Take a look at the food we have collected for the local food bank..

We also presented one of our Year 3 girls, Katie, with a trophy. Her Mum and Dad told us about the wonderful fundraising she has done recently for their family friend Heidi.

Read the letter below.

We are VERY proud of Katie raising an incredible amount of money all on her own!


The candle of Hope

Fabulous Fundraising

Once again our families have demonstrated such generosity and kindness throughout this week.

We have been collecting for 2 charities; the local Food bank  and The Hope Project. Already the school is full of tins, packets, chocolates, crisps, gloves and hats- I could not be any prouder!

The closing date for the Food bank is Wednesday 30th November, when we will send hampers of food to people less fortunate.

On Friday 9th December, we will have a visit from one of the project leaders of the Hope project, when we will present them with boxes full of clothing and food for the homeless of Liverpool.

Thank you so much to all of our families; your kindness and generosity teaches our children the true meaning of Christmas.

Fabulous Fundraising

Anti Bullying Week/Children in Need

This week is national Anti Bullying Week.

The children will be taking part in various activities throughout the week.

We will be creating a whole school friendship chain, each child will be asked to make a friendship commitment.

We also have visitors in on Friday. they will visit every class and will be giving advice on how to stay safe online.

Mr Murphy will also deliver a whole school assembly on ‘Bullying’. The children will be reminded of what bullying is and how to stand up to it.


We will also be dedicating this week to Children In Need.


Toast, cakes and biscuits will be on sale all of this week, as well as a selection of raffle prizes.

On Friday, the children can come into school in own clothes, or anything ‘Pugsy’.

Finally, we are also starting our hamper appeal. We are asking for each child to bring in one item – chocolate, crisps, tins, gloves, hats etc. We will use these items to build up hampers for either the local food bank or the homeless.

Our families are always so very kind, so we know it will be a success, as well as a very important message to our children about the real meaning of Christmas.







Anti Bullying Week/Children in Need