Peace Prom at the Echo Arena

                                      What an utterly amazing weekend it was!!!


So honoured for our children to be a part of this incredible experience #peaceproms17.

They sang beautifully and they behaved impeccably, as they performed at the Echo Arena.

Thank you to Mrs Walton and Mrs Lewis for giving our children the opportunity of a life time.

Click the link below to share their experience.

Peace Prom at the Echo Arena

Keeping Safe online

Unfortunately, we have has some issues regarding Social Media, with some of our older children this week.

As a result, we invited a visitor in from Knowsley CLC. He spoke to our children about the importance of being very careful about the messages they send on social media. He explained to the children that once it is online, it cannot be removed.

We have also arranged for a Parent Session on Monday 30th January. The aim of this is to advise parents on how they can monitor their child’s activity on line, as well as making parents aware of the potential  serious consequences of not doing so.

An invitation, with all of the detail, will go out today.

If families need any further advice or guidance, please contact either Miss Lorraine or Mr Murphy.

Keeping Safe online

Happy 2017!

Welcome back to all of our staff, children and families; I hope that you all had a very relaxing, fun and refreshing Christmas break.

We have lots on this term, please click on the link to see the events,


The children have come back looking lovely and smart and ready for learning. Take a look at your child’s class termly forecast, to see what they will be learning this term.

Unfortunately we had 15 children absent on our first day back and 14 on the second. This is very disappointing; unless there is clear medical evidence, these absences will not be authorised.

We are all aware of the importance of attending school, so please let us all work together to improve our school attendance and ensure the best outcomes for our children.

Here’s hoping that we all have a very healthy and successful Spring Term 2017




Happy 2017!