Wear Blue for Bobby

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Last week we had a wonderful visitor in our school. Her name was Jude Lennon, she is a children’s author. She read a book that she had written in memory of little boy called, Bobby Colleran. Sadly, Bobby was killed in a road traffic accident.

The book was called, ‘Super Bob’. It is a story reminding us how to be safe on the roads.

Jude was an excellent story teller; the children really enjoyed listening to the story. Jude left a book in school for the children.

This Monday was Bobby’s birthday,  the children decided that they wanted to raise money for the Bobby Colleran Trust. So we took part in ,’ the Wear Blue for Bobby Day’.

We were able to raise £100.

Once again, I feel incredibly proud of the children and families in our school-thank you so much!



Wear Blue for Bobby

Ash Wednesday Service

We have just had a wonderfully reverent and peaceful Ash Wednesday service in school.

The children and staff have all received their ashes and are prepared for the journey of Lent.

Our children and families are always so kind and giving during Lent; we are always very proud of how much we raise for The Good Shepherd.

Lent is not only about giving ‘something’ up, it is far more meaningful than that.  It is a time to reflect on how we can become closer to God, a time to look closely at ourselves and make changes.

Please see the PowerPoint attached, to gain some ideas on how we can have a successful journey through Lent and become images of our Lord.



Ash Wednesday Service