Read for the Stars!

Well done to our ‘Read for the Stars’ winners, and their very supportive families (we really appreciate all of the support you give to the children, in order to help them become avid, enthusiastic readers).

Thank you to Mrs Oprey for treating them all to a wonderful picnic.

Read for the Stars!

The ‘time of our lives at Winmarleigh Hall.’

Our Year 6 children had a wonderful residential trip to Winmarleigh Hall last week…



This trip is heavily subsidised by the Pupil Premium Grant; please see below some quotes from the children, which reflect how this trip has such a positive impact on our children.

‘ We will never experience this again.’

‘This is a once in a lifetime experience.’

‘ I have got to know people from our class that I havewould never taken the time to do before.’

‘ It is great to work together as one team.’

‘ I never thought that I could do it, but I did.’

‘I feel so proud of myself!’

The ‘time of our lives at Winmarleigh Hall.’