Welcome back!

We have  started our new half term this morning, with a whole school collective worship. The children were told the parable of The Ungrateful Servant. The message of this story is that we must try to follow God’s path.

The children said that they would try to do this in the following ways- `working as a team','putting others first', `being selfless and not selfish', `being more grateful', and `saying sorry'. 

We look forward to seeing them live out these promises this week and following the path that Jesus taught us.




Welcome back!

How did Maths Mash up week go?


Wow! What a fantastic week we have had! The children have thoroughly enjoyed this week (nearly as much as the teachers and parents).

Family Games Night was a phenomenal success. We had over 90 children, and their families, coming along to join us. The feedback was very positive, we have collated them all in a large floor book.

The staff, and children, of Year 6 organised an amazing Glow Disco last night; this was part of their enterprise imitative. Again, this was a great success and was a lovely end to the half term.












How did Maths Mash up week go?

Maths Mash Up Week

What an exciting week we have ahead of us- maths, maths and more maths!

All classes have packed timetables of problem solving, puzzles and games. They will also be dedicating some time to their enterprise ideas, which they are doing incredibly well with.

We have had another visit from Lloyds Bank, they have asked us to be involved in an exciting new initiative, which will help us with budgeting, planning and spending. Our School Business Manager, Mrs Askew, also visited the classes to share with the children how she uses Maths in all areas of her role.

On Wednesday evening, we are having a fun filled Family Games Night– all families are welcome to join us for some healthy competition!

On Thursday our Year 6 children have planned an after school disco for the Juniors; this is part of their enterprise initiative – they have now trebled their £30.00. They are going to but some disco lights with their profits. They will be selling some items that they have produced to further increase their profits.

I am so proud of all the work that the staff and children have put into making sure that Maths really is fun in our school and that we all realise the importance of developing our maths skills in order to build our futures.

Updates of how the week went will be on the next blog …..

Maths Mash Up Week

Maths for Life!

One of the main targets for the school year is to demonstrate to our children how important Maths is in all areas of life.

To support this, school is working towards a whole school Maths Award called, Liverpool Counts.


We would love it if some of our families would come into school to talk about their job and how important Maths is to be successful at it. A hairdresser is an excellent example- imagine some of the disasters if they didn’t use the correct ratio of hair colour!

We will also be hosting Family Games Night next Wed 18th October. please some along and show our children that Maths is fun and is a vital part of our every day lives.

family game night

Maths for Life!

You are hired!

This term our children have been working hard to develop a range of entrepreneurial  skills.


Year 6 are certainly leading the way! They have trebled the £30 that they were presented with a couple of weeks ago! But they are not going to stop there; they are now organising a disco after school; where the rest of the Juniors will have a chance to showcase their ideas and designs.


The Office staff have also helped our children with the ordering and auditing of the tuck shop.



Father Chris was thrilled to receive £70.00, from his original donation of £20.00, from the sale of ginger bread. This money will help towards the painting of the church.

ginger bread

I am so excited to see what our children will do next- Alan Sugar would be so proud of them.

alan sugar






You are hired!