And the winner is………Nugent Care

In a land slide victory, the children of St Columba have decided that they would like to support The Nugent Care Society this Christmas.


We will be donating a range of gifts for local children of all ages.

Please see ideas below:

Each class will also collect money and then purchase some gifts.

I know that our families will be as generous as they always are.



And the winner is………Nugent Care

Children vote for their chosen charity this Christmas.

Our children and their families are always so very kind at this time of year and want to do all that they can to spread the real meaning of Christmas.

During our collective worship this week the children were given a choice of 3 charities to support.

Nugent Care: This charity is very close to our hearts, as they do so much to support some of our families throughout the year. This year Nugent Care are asking for donations of new toys to give to children who may not receive any otherwise.



Action for Children: We have worked with this charity for 9 years. They have provided 12 month mentoring projects to some of our children who have experienced some personal problems throughout the year. This charity are collecting new Christmas pyjamas, so that children can go to bed on Christmas Eve in brand new Christmas pyjamas, while they are waiting for Santa to come.



The Hope Project: This charity works tirelessly throughout the year to feed the homeless people of Liverpool. This year they are asking for Christmas shoeboxes to give out to the homeless people while they are doing their rounds, showing them that people are thinking of them during the Christmas period.




Children vote for their chosen charity this Christmas.

Anti Bullying Week- All different, all equal!

Anti Bullying Week 2017

The children took part in many activities related to anti bullying last week.

We started the week with our usual whole school collective worship. We decided that if we could all  follow the Word of Jesus and love one another there would certainly be less bullying in the world.


We have been reading the book, ‘It’s Okay to be Different’. Take a look at the attached document to see how our children feel about being different.

its okay to be different


Anti Bullying Week- All different, all equal!

Visit from an author – Slow Down for Bobby

We were delighted to welcome the author, Jude Lennon, back to our school this week.

Jude has been doing a fantastic job, promoting the work of Bobby’s parents. Their message is clear – ‘ Slow Down for Bobby.’

Jude read her second book to the whole school from the’ Super Bob’ range. The key messages in this book are about parking outside of schools.

She left four very clear messages for the children to pass onto their families:

  • Don’t park on zigzag lines; even for a few seconds.
  • Don’t park on double yellow lines; even for a few seconds.
  • Don’t park outside of the school gates; even for a few seconds.
  • Don’t park on the kerbs.

We will be inviting Jude back into our school to work with our children, in becoming authors too!


Visit from an author – Slow Down for Bobby