Learning from St Columba

We know that St Columba was not perfect and that through his life, he made some mistakes, however he tried hard to learn from them, he prayed to, and listened to God, and this really helped him to try do the right thing.

In our Whole School Collective Worship, this morning, we thought about how we can try to be like St Columba.

We are going to try to follow the words of Proverbs 13.

He who conceals his

faults will not prosper.

He who confesses will find


We also thought about the following:

To celebrate the feast of St Columba, we had a long break and ice lollies to cool us down !


Learning from St Columba

Celebrating St Columba

We began ourĀ  Summer half term with a celebration assembly dedicated to St Columba; it is his feast day this Saturday 9th June.

We recognise that St Columba, like many of us, was not perfect, however he listened and prayed to God and tried his best.

The children thought about how they could be like St Columba.

Below are some of their ideas:

  • We will learn from our mistakes.’
  • ‘ We will say sorry.’
  • We will forgive other people’s mistakes.’
  • ‘ We will love everybody.’
  • We will spread the Gospel.’

We will spend the week trying our best to keep these promises. We will finish the week with a celebration party in honour of St Columba.

Happy St Columba Day.




Celebrating St Columba