How can we keep motivated?

This is the question that we have asked ourselves this morning, during our whole school collective worship.


It is not always easy to get motivated or certainly to keep that motivation.

We decided that we needed: plenty of rest, a healthy meal, lots of exercise, a goal,  resilience for when we might not succeed and prayer.

We prayed to God in thanksgiving for all of the people who help to motivate us throughout our lives.

Jesus Motivates Us

How can we keep motivated?

Our Mission.

During our whole school collective worship sessions, we have been focusing on our school mission statement:

Holding Hands with Jesus as we love, learn and grow together.

We follow this mission by working on 3 aims. The first is an educational aim –

To inspire, motivate and achieve.

Today, we talked about ‘ inspiration’ who inspires us and how can we take Jesus as our inspiration.

Here is what the children had to say:

‘ I will inspire others by smiling at them.’

‘ I will inspire others by helping everybody.’

‘ I will inspire others by being kind.’

‘ I will inspire others by showing them love.’

‘ I will inspire others by cheering them up with a hug.’

I am certain that our children and staff will work hard to inspire as many people as they can this week.

For more information, please see attached.

Jesus inspires us


Our Mission.

Welcome Back!

It has been wonderful to see our children returning to school , looking incredibly smart and ready to learn. Thank you to our families who have made this happen.

Our staff have also returned-relaxed, revived and renewed-ready to face the challenges of a new year.

During our first whole school collective worship the children were reminded that our mission at St Columba is to hold hands with Jesus as we love ,learn and grow together’. The educational aim of this mission is to, ‘inspire, motivate and achieve’. We have all renewed our promise to work together to inspire and motivate our children, so that they can ALL  achieve to the best of their ability. The children realise that this can only be done with: good attendance and punctuality; working hard at all times; following the school rules and by being kind and generous to all.

Families, staff and children have already, this week, made a great start. We pray that with Jesus by our sides, we will continue to love, learn and grow.

Welcome Back!