Welcome Back!

It has been wonderful to see our children returning to school , looking incredibly smart and ready to learn. Thank you to our families who have made this happen.

Our staff have also returned-relaxed, revived and renewed-ready to face the challenges of a new year.

During our first whole school collective worship the children were reminded that our mission at St Columba is to hold hands with Jesus as we love ,learn and grow together’. The educational aim of this mission is to, ‘inspire, motivate and achieve’. We have all renewed our promise to work together to inspire and motivate our children, so that they can ALL  achieve to the best of their ability. The children realise that this can only be done with: good attendance and punctuality; working hard at all times; following the school rules and by being kind and generous to all.

Families, staff and children have already, this week, made a great start. We pray that with Jesus by our sides, we will continue to love, learn and grow.

Welcome Back!

Goodbye school year, hello summer holidays!

Well what an eventful year it has been; full of celebration and achievements, with a few  ‘ bumps in the road’ and challenges.

Our KS2 SATs results are at an all time high – we even found ourselves in the local news! 71 % of our Year 6 children have reached the national expected level in Reading, Writing and Maths. This is a 10% increase on last year and is higher than the national average. I could not be any prouder of the children, staff and families.

We were awarded GOLD awards for Maths and P.E. this year too! Our children love Maths and enjoy the challenges that it brings. We also have an array of sporting events and competitions on offer. So these awards are thoroughly deserved.

We did have a visit from OFSTED this year, and while we are very disappointed in the outcome, I can assure you that we will continue to strive, learn and develop, in order that our children are given the every best education that they absolutely deserve.

I would like to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to our staff, our children and our families. They all work so hard, and as a team; they absolutely deserve a wonderful, restful summer holiday.

I look forward to seeing you all in the news school year ….. Year 6, you will always be a part of our school family, and we wish you every success in your new school. You will be sadly missed but we know that you are ready to take your next step into your future.

God bless you all!

Miss Evans


Goodbye school year, hello summer holidays!

A wonderful visit from Bishop Tom!

We were so proud to welcome Bishop Tom to our school this week, and particularly to ask him to open our new, fantastic outdoor provision – Dove Cottage!

Dove Cottage will be our very own oasis of calm spirituality; it will  inspire us in our writing, as we listen out for God, in the beautiful nature around us.

The visit was a really success, and we would not let a little thing like a rain downpour spoil it…..

                                                      Bishop tom vsit

We waved Bishop Tom off, with an outstanding mosaic of our very own Saint Columba, produced by Year 4.

                                            Bishop Tom gift



A wonderful visit from Bishop Tom!

Learning from St Columba

We know that St Columba was not perfect and that through his life, he made some mistakes, however he tried hard to learn from them, he prayed to, and listened to God, and this really helped him to try do the right thing.

In our Whole School Collective Worship, this morning, we thought about how we can try to be like St Columba.

We are going to try to follow the words of Proverbs 13.

He who conceals his

faults will not prosper.

He who confesses will find


We also thought about the following:

To celebrate the feast of St Columba, we had a long break and ice lollies to cool us down !


Learning from St Columba