Performing at The Liverpool Echo Arena!

We are all so excited for Saturday!

A group of our choir children will, once again, be singing as part of The Peace Proms, at the Echo Arena.

peace proms

They have practised so much with Mrs Walton after school, and have shown such commitment and dedication. We know that it will be a huge success.

We wish them the best of luck.

Pictures will follow first thing Monday morning.

Performing at The Liverpool Echo Arena!

Children leading Collective Worship

I have been getting so much support from the children during our weekly Collective Worship assembly this week.

Philip, aged 9, often plays the piano while we sing our hymns, and has now been asked to play the organ each week at St Columba Church; what an achievement!

Children from Year 5 led some of the collective worship; they read from the Gospel, they acted and they even taught us a new song. The theme of the assembly was, ‘Listen To God’.

We talked about what God would like us to hear from Him. We decided that he would want us to love each other, just as he loves each and every one of us!  We know that we are all unique to God and that we should love what makes us unique.

We read the book below and decided that we are all unique and that we should praise and thank God for creating us and our families in this way.

                                                     families book





Children leading Collective Worship

Welcome back and happy new year!

It really is so good to be back!

The children have all arrived back in school today, with lovely, bright, excited faces. They seem to be so glad to be back to see their friends and teachers and to start the new year with a renewed energy.

We are really looking forward to the challenges and celebrations of 2018.

The first celebration will be on Saturday 27th January when we will, once again, take part in ‘The Peace Proms’ at the Echo Arena- we can’t wait!

We are determined to continue to work hard at our attendance record, and ask for your support and cooperation in this.

As you will be aware, it is freezing!!! Please ensure that your child is suitably dressed for this bitter weather.

Our free breakfast club is open as normal .

Once again, happy new year, we wish you lots of love, health, peace and happiness.

Welcome back and happy new year!

40 years a priest – congratulations Fr. Chris!!!

fr chrisToday we paid tribute to our wonderful parish priest Fr. Chris McCoy, as he celebrates 40 years ordination. We are so proud that he is part of our school community; he fills our school full of love, faith, fun and happiness.

We wrote our own version of the Twelve Days of Christmas to deliver him some gifts from us; 1 big hug, 2 pairs of socks, 3 books to read, 4 whisky shots, 5 chocolate bars, 6 mince pies and 7 Christmas cards!

We think he was really embarrassed but really pleased.


40 years a priest – congratulations Fr. Chris!!!

Gifts for Nugent Care

It was such a pleasure  to see the Year 5 and Year 6 children go off to the cathedral, with their arms loaded with toys, for the children of Nugent Care.

The donations were purchased from the money that both classes had raised through their enterprise work this term.

We hope that we have been able to spread the Good News of Christmas around Liverpool this year.


We will be collecting toys and new pyjamas for the rest of the term for Action for Children.

Gifts for Nugent Care

It is in giving that we receive.


During our whole school collective worship we focused on the words from St Francis of Assisi. We talked about ways that we could give this Christmas.

Obviously we spoke about the giving of money, and our children and families certainly did not disappoint! Today I have signed two cheques from our school. The first was £61.00 for ‘ Show Racism the Red Card’, the second was a staggering £330 for Children in Need.

Don’t forget we are also collecting Christmas gifts for Nugent Care.

In the spirit of giving the children have also pledged to: give hugs, make friends, share and help out at home with the Christmas preparation.

I really do hope that they keep their promises.



It is in giving that we receive.